It’s All Happening At The Zoo – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week’s show, we take a deep dive into the cuisine of our friends in the animal kingdom.

We begin at the Audubon Zoo, where zookeepers forge a nurturing connection with each animal they care for — especially at meal time. Curators Liz Wilson and Dominique Fleitas invite us along as they make their daily rounds at the Zoo.

Next, we meet a Baton Rouge-based entrepreneur who’s found a way to combat Louisiana’s nutria problem while serving man’s best friend. Hansel Harlan has developed a nutria-based biscuit called Marsh Dog Treats.

Then, we meet the quintessential bar dog, Louisiana Eats producer Reggie Morris’s very own Whitey Bulger. Whitey’s favorite watering hole is none other than Tracey’s in the Irish Channel.

We also meet author Brandon Schultz and his two favorite sous-chefs: his cat and dog. Brandon has penned two pet-centered cookbooks called Cooking For Two

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