Sara Reardon grew up like any other half Chinese half Native American in New Orleans East. Somewhere along the line Sara branched out on her own and became The Vagina Whisperer. Although the title might sound like something you get bestowed on you in the Native American tradition, it was actually created by the mom of a friend, one night in the hot tub when the girls were discussing their various vaginal issues. It s amazing how many women have problems, from prolapses to painful sex and many more, that just don t get talked about. Happy Hour is an unusual format to discuss women s problems but Sara is fearless she even describes how to take a selfie of yourself peeing if you d like to. Edward Wycliff might be the hippest guy in New Orleans and he s not even a hipster. He s a graduate from the Peace Corps where he spent time in Lesotho did you know it s pronounced “Lesutu” . Today Edward has a business where he teaches people in Lesotho to sew bowties made of their native textile called shoesoe pronounced “shwayshway” which he sells in New Orleans at the Palace Art Market on Frenchmen Street. If you are an average person who went through the education system anywhere in America, you are going to learn more about Lesotho in this 60 minutes than you learned about Africa in your entire elementary and high school education. Andrew Duhon s new record, False River, is only days away from hitting shelves and playlists. Meantime you can get three songs right now on Spotify and a special bonus track for free if you pre order the album from Apple Music. You can also hear two songs on this show. In a cunning and unique marketing ploy, neither of these songs are on the record. If you know anybody who has been thinking of visiting or moving to New Orleans and they ask you, “What s the place like ” send them a link to this show. This conversation could only happen in a New Orleans bar. Photos at Wayfare by Josephine Hennessey.