Mr & Mrs Sazerac – Happy Hour – It’s New Orleans

Linda Seabright and James Arey have a lot in common. Linda is a radio personality on KRCB, one of the NPR stations in San Francisco. James is a radio personality on Classical 104.9 in New Orleans, and you might have heard him in his previous incarnation as an announcer on New Orleans NPR station, WWNO. How James jumped ship and ended up back on the same ship is a pretty interesting tale. How Linda ended up teaching mindfulness while still contemplating her previous 6 boyfriends going all the way back to the guy she toured Europe with for a year on 800 is an even more interesting tale. While all that s going on, Kelcy Mae has a new band, called Ever More Nest, a new spirit guide, and a new record coming out, called The Place That You Call Home. And perhaps what might be the biggest revelation to come out of today s show you can get Quaaludes legally in South Africa. If you don t know what a Quaalude is, we ll be selling them at Happy Hour as soon as C Rock hooks us up. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.