Death: the podcast

Hosted ByDr Arian Elfant

New Orleans has a unique relationship to death: we have a ridiculously high murder rate, we party at funerals, and we end up above ground. Death: the podcast tells the stories of personal experiences of death - fear of it, laughing at it, life-changing brushes with it, dealing with lost loved ones, and our own inevitable and unknown heart-stopping moment. Through confronting death we learn what it is to be alive.

Comparative Death – Death: the podcast – It’s New Orleans

Ferrari-shaped coffins? Narco tombs? Yes, they do exist.

Justin Nobel travels the world investigating diverse death practices in places you’ve heard about, and many you haven’t.

Justin chronicles his cross-cultural death discoveries in his unique blog, Digital Dying.

On this edition of Death: the podcast, Arian talks with Justin about how various death rituals have evolved over the years.

What compels a young guy like Justin to travel the globe observing how we humans die? “Death is this great art project for culture to do something really interesting.”

Photos by Karen LeBlanc.

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