Elmer’s Chocolates – A Louisiana Eats Tricentennial Tribute – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

If your childhood was spent anywhere from Beaumont Texas to Mobile Alabama, it s a good guess your Easter basket was filled with Elmer Goldbricks, Heavenly Hash and Pecan Eggs. With a heritage that reaches back to 1855, Elmer Candy is not only the oldest candy maker in Louisiana, but one of the oldest in the nation. On this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, Rob Nelson, third generation of the company s second owners, today s president and CEO of Elmer Chocolates, gives us a tour of the state of the art candy factory, located in Pontachtoula, La. We ll learn how annually, the company rolls back 50 years in time to hand produce Louisiana s beloved Easter eggs. Don t wait for the Easter bunny Click here to buy candy directly from Elmer Chocolates.