Questions From The Waiting Room

Hosted ByDr. Nick Pejic

Questions from the Waiting Room explores the world of Dr. Nick Pejic - a busy New Orleans Psychiatrist, and co-host David Miller - a bright eyed millennial. David asks sensitive questions that patients might feel ashamed to ask, while Dr. Nick answers in a sincere, spontaneous, and unscripted manner – much like he does in his Uptown consultation room.  

To start each episode, the listener gets a sneak peek into the life of Dr. Nick as he answers personal questions to prove that psychiatrists are human, too. The conversations flow from a light banter to a serious discussion, while they explore the broad terrain of human emotion and experience.  Dr. Nick refers to these conversations as “the psychiatry of everyday life.”  

Death By Nickelback – Questions From The Waiting Room – It’s New Orleans

How might you die? Dr. Nick expects a Nickelback fan will take him out.  David has an ironic Snoopy death.  Ask yourself, What would you do if you had one year left to live?

David on couch

This week’s Questions from the Waiting Room address road rage, working in a distracting world, and self-confidence.  Nick on Computer

For those that are socially anxious, Dr. Nick gives a shameless dating tip. Use it!