Give Peas A Chance – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week’s show, we’re celebrating peas on earth.

We meet farmers, distillers, and plant breeders who are pioneers in their fields. We begin with Ben Branson, founder of Seedlip—a distillery producing non-alcoholic spirits using peas grown on his 300-year-old family farm in Northern England.

Then, we learn about Dr. Calvin Lamborn, known as the Father of the Sugar Snap Pea. We speak with his son, Rod Lamborn, who is a cinematographer working hard to preserve his father’s legacy. 

We also meet distiller Jeff Quint, whose family tree can be traced back nine generations to the Mosel River Valley in Germany. He now uses his vast stores of corn to produce award-winning bourbons in Swisher, Iowa.

Finally, we learn about a very happy marriage between dairy farming and distilling. Paul Archie tell us about how he and his farmer friend Jason Barber were inspired to experiment with cow’s milk to make a totally unexpected beverage — a whey-based vodka. They call it Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka.

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