Decant Take It With You – A Wine Education – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Get out your corkscrews! On this week’s show, we’re talking with vintners and wine stewards to better understand the world of fermented grapes. 


We’ll begin with Duane and Susan Hoff, two Minnesota-natives who founded Fantesca Estate & Winery after helping to get their family’s electronics business off the ground — a company now known as Best Buy. 


Next, Richard Betts demystifies the sometimes daunting world of wine. He’s an author, winemaker, and master sommelier who emphasizes “wine as a grocery, not a luxury.”


Then, we turn to the topic of wine cocktails with master sommelier Rob Bigelow of Sainte Michelle Wine Estates. Rob specializes in creating festive cocktails that incorporate fine wines and unexpected flourishes.


We also meet California vintner Andrew Quady, who has named several of his wines after classical myths centered on temptation and ecstasy. 


And we conclude with Chef Daniel Bruce, who tells us of his fascinating culinary journey. Along the way, Daniel revolutionized the Boston Harbor Hotel’s restaurant, Meritage, by building his menu around wine.


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