The Art & Science of Dandelion Heroin – Happy Hour – It’s New Orleans

April Stolf wrote the book on success. It s called The Art and Science of Success. After a couple of cocktails Neuro Linguistic Programming seems pretty easy. April has enough material at this table to keep her busy for a year re programming personalities. First there s Zach Quinn. Zach dropped out of high school in Chalmette in 10th grade due to “mental problems.” Today he claims to be riddled with insecurity and self doubt, but it s impossible to tell from his public persona as the front person for wildly successful punk band The Pears. Then there s Matthew Snyder. He s a professor of political science at Delgado with a specialist expertise in the Middle East. He lived and worked in politics and academia in Cairo and believes the whole of the Middle East basically has to burn to the ground before there will ever be peace. On the other hand, in his professional opinion Trump is too much of a buffoon to cause that to happen so we have nothing immediate to worry about. Other than, possibly, heroin. Cat Tod is the creative force behind the New Orleans art tech business Where Y Art, where local artists and people who love art can find each other. Cat s big news of the day, other than exploring her secret personality that makes her gyrate around her kitchen with three dogs, is the reduction by one crayon of the long running traditional box of 24 crayons, so that there will now be 23 crayons in a box. What color is being retired Dandelion. It doesn t take too to figure out the conspiracy behind that one. After another cocktail. Try and get a word in edgeways here. The fastest paced Happy Hour ever. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.