It’s New Orleans: Happy Hour

Hosted ByGrant Morris & Andrew Duhon

HAPPY HOUR is a cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversation with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar. Featuring extraordinary New Orleans musicians playing live, host Grant Morris and sidekick deluxe Andrew Duhon.

Is This Me? – Happy Hour – It’s New Orleans

If you’ve ever looked at something in a store and weren’t sure whether to buy it or not, apparently the question you are subconsciously trying to answer is, “Is this me?”

Rebecca Rebouche

According to artist Rebecca Rebouche, that’s the central question in all of our lives in the way we relate to art. How that art gets created is a whole other question. In Rebecca’s method, the path from the real world to an image living inside a frame can come from a sliver of nature or the crushing heartache caused by finding out that a total stranger guy you’ve been looking at across the room in bar has a girlfriend.

Jerry Reese II

Jerry Resse II totally agrees with Rebecca. In Jerry’s opinion the heartache of unrequited imaginary love is just as crushing as the real thing. Jerry has his sights set on sports broadcasting or politics but in the meantime he’s more than happy to be setting up Dat Dog franchises around the country. If you’re interested in making a boatload of money from selling Dat Dogs, look Jerry up. Tell ’em Happy Hour sent you.

Jack Miele

Jack Miele might be the most successful New Orleanian entertainer you don’t know. What you may have thought was a fun gig playing the part of Randi Wilde, the Devo-lookalike singer and guitar player in the band The Molly Ringwalds, is actually serious touring band big business complete with lawyers, managers and tour buses. Despite The Molly’s being a full time gig, the kicker is that it’s just the tip of the iceberg of Jack’s professional career which includes writing and recording Grammy and Emmy winning music.

Grant Morris, Jerry Reese II, Jack Miele, Rebecca Rebouche

This is one of those typically surprising New Orleans conversations where you discover that the 3 perfectly normal and unassuming people you happen to sitting at the bar with wrote the music on the TV show you love, designed the pattern that’s on the sheets you’re sleeping on that you bought at Anthropologie, and run the business at the place you ate at last night.

Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.