It’s New Orleans: Happy Hour

Hosted ByGrant Morris & Andrew Duhon

HAPPY HOUR is a cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversation with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar. Featuring extraordinary New Orleans musicians playing live, host Grant Morris and sidekick deluxe Andrew Duhon.

Bananana – Happy Hour – It’s New Orleans

Sara Johnson has an app on her phone to convert kilograms to pounds and ounces so she knows exactly how much heroin she’s talking about.

Sara Johnson

Sara looks sweet enough, right? But she’s the person you want in your corner when you’ve been busted with god knows how many Oz/Kg of heroin and you’re not guilty of anything. Swear to God. Sara shares the inside scoop on how she’s going to get you off.

Greg Tilton

Greg Tilton knows some stuff about substances too. And pregnancy. And a bunch of other topics that make him the best conversationalist in the city. Greg is the producer of The Rumor Flies Podcast, which is a bit like Snopes meets Myth Busters.

Sunny Duval

Sunny Duval lives on the other side of what he’s worried is going to be a real wall after President Trump takes over. Sunny is French Canadian. The name of today’s show, Bananana, is the title of one of Sunny’s quirky Summer sounding beach songs off of his 4th and latest album.

We call Happy Hour “a random conversation with folks who have nothing in common,” and that description is never truer than this 60 minutes of cocktail-fueled meandering.

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Photos at Wayfare by Catherine King.