Death: the podcast

Hosted ByDr Arian Elfant

New Orleans has a unique relationship to death: we have a ridiculously high murder rate, we party at funerals, and we end up above ground. Death: the podcast tells the stories of personal experiences of death - fear of it, laughing at it, life-changing brushes with it, dealing with lost loved ones, and our own inevitable and unknown heart-stopping moment. Through confronting death we learn what it is to be alive.

The Gift of Song – Death: the podcast – It’s New Orleans

When Annie Garretson and Sally Rothstein met, they never imagined their friendship and love of music would find them at the bedside of those at life’s precipice.

The Pikes Peak Threshold Singers aren’t just any choir. They are a group who share the final moments of strangers, community members, and, even their loved ones lives, with soft, gentle messages of peace and grace.

Listen in as Arian explores with Sally and Annie the gift exchange of song to the living and dying.

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Photos provided by both Venus Maher and Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care.