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Psychiatrist Dr. Nick Pejic hosts MINDSET. Unlike the hosts of many mental health shows, Dr Pejic really is a psychiatrist. Mindset allows Nick to help us understand what motivates successful people, especially New Orleans' best. He's not your dad's Dr. Phil or your grandma's Dr. Laura, and Mindset is not your regular mental health show. Young, dapper Dr Pejic says, "This is New Orleans. We are not about what is wrong with you, we're about what is right with you."

Manhattan Jack Petronella – Mindset – It’s New Orleans

manhattan jack

Manhattan Jack is an innocuous looking storefront on Prytania Street in Uptown New Orleans, at first glance not remarkably different from other coffee shops that punctuate the neighborhood. But walk inside and you discover that coffee is just a small part of this place.

Everything from gourmet pastries and handmade in-store chocolates to a full breakfast and lunch menu is available. As you look across the array of cakes, chocolates, and pastries, and watch an array of lunches being delivered to tables, you can’t help but wonder what team of chocolatiers, bakers, and chefs are at work here. That team is one man: Jack Petronella. AKA Manhattan Jack. With a game-saving assist from his partner, Coleman.

manhattan jack petronella

In this episode of Mindset, Dr. Pejic walks with the extraordinarily talented Jack down a rocky road strewn with tragedy, loss, and long bouts of painful self-discovery that has led from Manhattan to Jack’s eponymous storefront in New Orleans.

Manhattan Jack’s is an ultimately inspiring and uplifting tale of love and faith, but it’s far from over.