Death: the podcast

Hosted ByDr Arian Elfant

New Orleans has a unique relationship to death: we have a ridiculously high murder rate, we party at funerals, and we end up above ground. Death: the podcast tells the stories of personal experiences of death - fear of it, laughing at it, life-changing brushes with it, dealing with lost loved ones, and our own inevitable and unknown heart-stopping moment. Through confronting death we learn what it is to be alive.

Death Becomes Us – Death: the podcast – It’s New Orleans

Pamela Skjolsvik never dreamed that a misrouted phone call would change the course of her master’s thesis and, ultimately, her life.


When the call, originally intended for her graduate advisor, was mysteriously redirected to a funeral home, a seed was planted. That seed grew into the now critically-acclaimed book, “Death Becomes Us.”


What if we could schedule our own death? How does a person cope with his or her impending execution? What is the loneliest kind of grief? Join Pamela and Arian as they delve into the transformative power of death.