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Psychiatrist Dr. Nick Pejic hosts MINDSET. Unlike the hosts of many mental health shows, Dr Pejic really is a psychiatrist. Mindset allows Nick to help us understand what motivates successful people, especially New Orleans' best. He's not your dad's Dr. Phil or your grandma's Dr. Laura, and Mindset is not your regular mental health show. Young, dapper Dr Pejic says, "This is New Orleans. We are not about what is wrong with you, we're about what is right with you."

Mindset – John Sinclair – Mindset – It’s New Orleans


John Sinclair

Pot activist John Sinclair got 10 years for giving away weed before “legalize” & “drugs” were used in the same sentence.

John Sinclair

Beatle John Lennon got Sinclair out of jail, Sinclair adopted New Orleans and went on to become marijuana’s worldwide best friend.