Milo’s Music Parlor

Hosted ByKim Vu

Milo's Music Parlor, hosted by the President and Janitor of Milo Records, Kim Vu, is an intimate conversation with artists shaping the contemporary New Orleans musical landscape. Living legends, young upstarts, and national and international acts making a pass through the city play an intimate set to a small audience of music appreciators, then step away from their instruments and talk with Kim. The audience join in the conversation. Milo's Music Parlor is a unique New Orleans night out: something between soundcheck and speakeasy, on-stage, back-stage, and after-show party.

Alex McMurray – Milo’s Music Parlor – It’s New Orleans

For New Jersey native Alex McMurray, it was NOT love at first sight when he moved to New Orleans 28 years ago.  But like many of us,  he learned to love it, and found himself returning from New York after Katrina, even AFTER realizing “You have to be crazy to live in this Town”, an idea that became the title of one of his post-Katrina songs. His music can be described as lyrical and imaginative–what you might hear if Elvis Costello and Randy Newman had a child together, but with distinct New Orleans flair and songwriting edge of his very own.  An amazing multi-tasker, Alex shares stories of his college days at Tulane, to singing sea chanties in Tokyo’s Disneyland dressed up like Captain Crunch.