It’s New Orleans: Happy Hour

Hosted ByGrant Morris & Andrew Duhon

HAPPY HOUR is a cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversation with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar. Featuring extraordinary New Orleans musicians playing live, host Grant Morris and sidekick deluxe Andrew Duhon.

Mobile Adult Massages – Happy Hour – It’s New Orleans

Grant’s away this week hunting the most dangerous game, man. But don’t worry because we have the fabulous Anna Whitlow sitting in his place with rosé in hand to welcome her fantastic guests.

The first of which is JT Sides who moved to New Orleans in 2013 but he can already name all seventeen wards in New Orleans. JT is from Fund17, a nonprofit that seeks to combat opportunity inequality through micro-loans to small businesses in New Orleans.

Sarah Fontanelle also helps people, though in a different way, she’s a a former g-man, working as a corruption buster for the inspector general’s office. She also helps babies, her own specifically, Sarah has two twin girls that were foretold by multiple prophecies. But her children haven’t stopped her from becoming a singer for the hottest Yacht Rock band Where Y’acht


And speaking of music we have the always awesome Boyfriend joining us as our music guest. Boyfriend tells us about her new found love of adult coloring books, her amazing live show, and lets us hear her new track Deadbeat.  


Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.