Midnight Menu +1

Hosted ByRay Cannata & Margo Moss

Ray Cannata has eaten at over 750 New Orleans restaurants, so he knows a thing or two about hanging out. Margo Moss has turned Ted's Frostop from a greasy spoon into a considerably less greasy but not quite silver spoon. When the sun goes down on The NOLA Brewing Tap Room in the Irish Channel, Ray and Margo entertain members of New Orleans restaurant community. Their guests bring along a friend, a +1. Anything can happen.

Beer Barbecue and Bertucci – Midnight Menu +1 – It’s New Orleans

Kirk Coco’s inspiration for opening NOLA Brewing is inextricably entwined with the US Navy, Hurricane Katrina, Dixie Beer, and the clap.

kirk coco

In a city of colorful characters, Kirk Coco is a colorful character. A wonderful combination of impetuousness, frank honesty, and business acumen, Kirk’s venture into brewing is from his telling something akin to a blind man wandering drunk along the edge of a cliff. But in this case the blind man’s sense of direction is impeccable. What could a guy who was a lawyer, a US Naval officer, and now a successful entrepreneur, regret? How about being 8 years old and not making out with Maria Bertucci? 

neil mcclure, kirk coco

Kirk’s plus one guest on tonight’s show is his buddy, barbecue chef, Neil McClure from McClure’s Barbecue on Magazine Street, Uptown. Neil’s been fighting with his neighbors who don’t like the smell of smoking meat and want to chase his smoker off the street. And they’ve succeeded. Neil’s wheeled his smoker over to Kirk’s brewery and they’re setting up a kitchen in the new NOLA Brewing Tap Room to dish up smoking barbecue with your beer. Even a cloud of barbecue smoke can have a silver lining.

neil mcclure, kirk coco, chris kehoe, ray cannata, margo moss

This conversation about beer, barbecue, Bertucci and beyond is classic Midnight Menu +1 fare: heartfelt, hilarious, and fueled by beer and smoke.