It’s New Orleans: Happy Hour

Hosted ByGrant Morris & Andrew Duhon

HAPPY HOUR is a cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversation with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar. Featuring extraordinary New Orleans musicians playing live, host Grant Morris and sidekick deluxe Andrew Duhon.

The Other Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Happy Hour – It’s New Orleans

Maria Levitsky has a dragon tattooed over most of her body –

maria levitsky's dragon tattoo

Maria used to play the flute, she lived in Spain when she was 11, and she rides a horse she bought from a charismatic preacher called Bootise.

bootsie the horse

(Actually the horse is called Bootise, not the preacher.)

maria levitsky and blue dog

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the fascinating stuff you’ll find out about Maria on this free-wheeling episode of Happy Hour.

tore wallin

Tore Wallin is an artist masquerading as a musician masquerading as an architect and a Norwegian masquerading as a New Orleanian who ended up here as the result of a hurricane and the smell of mildew.


 The most talented Nolawegian on earth, Tore has played in NOLA bands for 30 years, has a painting in the New Orleans Museum of Art and designed a Jazz Fest poster.

bill daniel. nick ellman naughty professor

Naughty Professor are an assembly of some of New Orleans truly finest young musicians, and that’s saying something in this town. Naughty P are taking NOLA funk into a whole new stratosphere of slick playing, clever arrangements and hook-laden songs. Their first album, Until The Next Time, is a collection of songs inspired by corn dogs, obscure TV shows, and a crawfish playing double bass.

bill daniel

Mariachi skeletons and the true story mystery of “T” the missing tattoo artist with a $100 bill tattoed on his forehead have something to do with it as well.

bill daniel

We catch guitarist Bill Daniel and alto sax player Nick Ellman as they’re about to start a nationwide tour. Remember you heard Naughty Professor here first – these guys are going to be superstars.

happy hour

This is one of those magic Happy Hours where 4 people who have nothing whatsoever in common other than being hand-picked by Producer Graham daPonte (standing) and Music Director Christian Unruh, of widely divergent ages and backgrounds, are delighted to discover they share all kinds of thoughts, emotions and experiences. A real New Orleans get-together of transplants who have found a home in New Orleans.

casa borrega in spring

All the photos on this page were taken at Casa Borrega by cycling shutter meister Douglas Engel.