Midnight Menu +1

Hosted ByRay Cannata & Margo Moss

Ray Cannata has eaten at over 750 New Orleans restaurants, so he knows a thing or two about hanging out. Margo Moss has turned Ted's Frostop from a greasy spoon into a considerably less greasy but not quite silver spoon. When the sun goes down on The NOLA Brewing Tap Room in the Irish Channel, Ray and Margo entertain members of New Orleans restaurant community. Their guests bring along a friend, a +1. Anything can happen.

BEER! – Midnight Menu +1 – It’s New Orleans

Two guys walk into a bar. One owns a beer brewing store. The other is opening a brewery. They sit down at a bar table with the guy who owns the bar, and a guy who – despite being known as “The Man Who Ate New Orleans” – hasn’t had anything to eat all day. They proceed to drink extra strong craft beer that the guy from the beer brewing store brought with him. What happens next? You’re listening to it.

ray cannata

Margo – thankfully for her sake – couldn’t make it tonight so Phil from Phil’s Grill sat in for her and co-hosts the show with Ray.

phil de Gruy

Besides drinking beer Phil is also drinking one of Phil’s Grill’s signature cocktails – The Toussaint Tchoup which is a bourbon drink garnished with a piece of fried bacon. yes, IN the drink.

kyle du POnt

Kyle duPont from Brewstock the brew shop explains the finer points of brewing your own beer at home.

scott wood

Scott Wood breaks the big news that after years of jumping through hoops, today is the day he got an occupational license from the City of New Orleans to – wait till you hear this – open a brewery! Courtyard Brewery is officially in business as of this episode of Midnight Menu +1.


When Cameron from NOLA Foodsmiths showed up with some pork belly sliders and pumpkin cheesecake it was too late to undo the damage.

ray cannata, kyle du Pont, phil de Gtuy, scott wood

kyle dupont, ray cannata, phil degruy, scott wood

If there wasn’t already a show called Men Behaving Badly, this could be the pilot.