Midnight Menu +1

Hosted ByRay Cannata & Margo Moss

Ray Cannata has eaten at over 750 New Orleans restaurants, so he knows a thing or two about hanging out. Margo Moss has turned Ted's Frostop from a greasy spoon into a considerably less greasy but not quite silver spoon. When the sun goes down on The NOLA Brewing Tap Room in the Irish Channel, Ray and Margo entertain members of New Orleans restaurant community. Their guests bring along a friend, a +1. Anything can happen.

You Never Forget Your First – Midnight Menu +1 – It’s New Orleans

Krista Pendergraft-May is co-owner of Cowbell.

krista may pendegraff

Not only was Krista brave enough to open a restaurant practically on the railroad tracks and the foot of the levee at what was then the worst part of Oak Street (by miles) she is also fearless enough to be a guest on a food podcast she had not only never heard of, but never heard. Nor had anybody, not even the hosts of the show, Ray and Margo.

kim vu, krista may pendegraff

That’s because this very night Krista showed up with her equally take-no-prisoners +1 Kim Vu, there has been no Midnight Menu +1.

ray cannata, margo moss

Yes, it’s Wayback Week at Midnight Menu +1. This is the magical night that started it all: the very first episode of Midnight Menu +1.

burger #1

What a way to kick off a dynasty. Well, that may be a little strong, but this is the show that definitely sets the tone for what’s to come. Conversation ranges from the Heimlich Maneuver to Olympic volleyball.

Do you recognize Krista’s +1, Kim Vu?

kim n krista

When Kim moved to New Orleans from Alaska Kim decimated the Vietnamese population of the great state of Alaska by 50%. Fame was equally to find in New Orlenas. In no time Kim had a sandwich named after her at Cowbell: the “Kim Vu’s Rescue Banh Mi.” Today Kim is even more of a superstar – not only does she have her own NOLA record label, Milo Records, she the host of her very own podcast, VietNOLA.

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard this show, unless you happen to be married to Margo or Ray. So take a listen, the guests are truly awesome, the hosts are hardly bruised, and the stories are timeless.