Hosted ByPsychiatrist Dr. Nick Pejic

Psychiatrist Dr. Nick Pejic hosts MINDSET. Unlike the hosts of many mental health shows, Dr Pejic really is a psychiatrist. Mindset allows Nick to help us understand what motivates successful people, especially New Orleans' best. He's not your dad's Dr. Phil or your grandma's Dr. Laura, and Mindset is not your regular mental health show. Young, dapper Dr Pejic says, "This is New Orleans. We are not about what is wrong with you, we're about what is right with you."

Wild Wayne – Mindset – It’s New Orleans

New Orleans has always been a city where the music comes from, and this is especially true in the world of hip-hop. Some of hip-hop’s biggest stars including Lil’ Wayne, Juvenile, and Master P started in New Orleans. But even superstars need their first big break. If you’re a hip-hop artist in New Orleans, that first big break probably comes from radio DJ Wild Wayne. 

Wild Wayne’s show on Q93 is the most popular show on the city’s most listened to radio station. In his long career as a radio host, Wayne has given countless artists their first radio exposure. But Wayne does more than just spin records, he has used his show “Real Talk” as a platform to talk about issues that affect the African American and urban community.

When it comes to helping young artists, Wayne does far more than just give their songs a few radio plays, he is the creator of Industry Influence, a monthly event that educates hip-hop artists on the ins and outs of the music industry. On this episode of Mindset, Wild Wayne sits down with Dr. Pejic to discuss his journey to becoming New Orleans’s most successful radio personality, as well as why he feels so committed to fostering creativity in a new generation of artists.