Louisiana Eats

Ain’t Dere No More

On this week’s show, we look back on bygone New Orleans businesses that “ain’t dere no more,” but continue to hold a place in the city’s collective heart. We begin with Bryan Batt and Katy Danos, authors of Pontchartrain Beach: A Family Affair. Founded by Bryan’s grandfather Harry Batt in 1928, the amusement park was…

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Channel Surfing Safari

On this week’s show, we meet food television stars from the newest to the medium’s most seasoned.

We begin by checking in with one of our favorite home grown celebs—Chef Isaac Toups. After several years in front of the camera, he and his wife Amanda have seen food TV as both a boon for their business and an exploitative behemoth. We join them to discuss how they have been taming that beast, and get the scoop on Amanda’s first foray into television.

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Tasty Memoirs

The great food writer M.F.K. Fisher once said that writing about food is writing about love. On this week’s show, we explore culinary memoirs that reveal how our heart strings are connected to our taste buds.   We begin with award-winning writer Ann Hood. Her writings explore the human condition, frequently drawing upon her own…

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Remembering Chef Carl Schaubhut

On this week’s show, we remember New Orleans culinary dynamo Carl Schaubhut, whose life was cut tragically short on September 9, 2019 at the age of 37 following a five-year battle with cancer. We begin by revisiting our 2017 conversation with Carl, where he tells us about his electrifying career that included opening two critically…

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Culinary Historians

The origins of food and spirits are usually not well known and can sometimes be hard to track down. After all, how do you figure out where something that’s been around for centuries originated? On this week’s show we’ll speak with several culinary historians about the history of some fabulous foods, and some spirits too.

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