Louisiana Eats Tammany Taste Quick Bite: Chef Kim Kringlie

Over the past 30 years, Chef Kim Kringlie’s restaurant, the Dakota, has become a mainstay of Northshore fine dining. Along the way, he’s been recognized as culinary artist of the year by the St. Tammany Arts Commission and named one of New Orleans’ top 25 chefs by the American Culinary Federation. You may be surprised to learn that Chef Kim hails from Grand Forks,

North Dakota where, as a 15 year old, he discovered his love for the business at a steakhouse there,

called The Bronze Boot.

But in Louisiana, the self described “mashed potatoes and gravy flatlander” works magic with our bountiful local seafood. If you have any doubts, you’ve never tasted his sublime crabmeat and brie soup!

Louisiana Eats sat down with Chef Kim to hear the story of his amazing life journey.

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