Popping Up All Over – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Pop-up restaurants have been becoming increasingly popular all over Louisiana. These nomadic entrepreneurs move into bars and restaurants, often serving delicious, unconventional food for armies of devoted diners. To find out more about these indie bands of the restaurant world, we go to the source, speaking with some of the newest and most exciting pop-ups in New Orleans at the 2015 Propeller Pop event. Then, for a closer look at the pop-up scene in the Crescent City, we talk to head of the New Orleans Pop-up Association, Dean Lambert, to find out how their organization assists new ventures and what we can expect from pop-ups in the future.

We also speak to Daniel Bruce who tells us of his fascinating journey to becoming a chef and how he revolutionized his Boston restaurant by building his menu around wine. Finally, we sit down with Maggie Heyn Richardson, author of the new book, Hungry for Louisiana. Maggie tells us about red boudin and why it’s currently in danger of disappearing from our state.

We take a look at both innovation and tradition on this week’s Louisiana Eats!